Spiritual Guidance, Reiki, EFT and 
Metamorphic technique

I am Lyn Partridge-Webber better known as The Wellington Witch. I am a natural psychic and have been seeing and talking to spirits all of my life but it wasn’t until I was 15 that I realised that not everyone can see the things that I can. 

It wasn’t until I found the Spiritualist Church in the West Midlands, where I was born, that I discovered that there are many people like me and I have spent many years now exploring my gifts, training in various therapies and working as secretary for Taunton New Spiritualist Church.

Although I work in the light, for the light, I don’t call myself a White Witch, just a witch. Magick is neither black nor white it is our intent that makes it either good or bad. I look on it as electricity, you can’t see it but mess about with it and you will know!!

I have lived in Somerset since 1973 and have been involved with healing since 1991; the first therapy I trained in was Reiki and I have studied both Eastern and Western traditions reaching Master/Teacher in both. I am a Master Teacher member of the Reiki Federation.

More recently, I have used EFT or emotional freedom  technique in my healing sessions as this will pull out emotional roots to problems from the past leaving the body’s own healing process to take place. It works very quickly so is an ideal therapy for the 21st century as most people have little time to spare.

Another popular technique is Metamorphic or MT for short. This is a gentle relaxing technique which works on the hands, feet and head of the client to help them reach their true potential and is usually sought when people are feeling a little lost or unsure of which direction to go. It takes about an hour for a session.

Having always offered help to clients via clairvoyance I now link to the higher energies of the ascended masters and offer Ray readings. This is more of a spiritual guidance and helps people to work their way through their problems, not by pass them as the problem will usually come back in another guise until the lesson is learnt.

We are living in very exciting times as we approach 2012, the energies are getting much lighter and communicating with spirit is getting easier.

I have worked all over the world teaching my beliefs, theories and helping people with their problems and have had articles published in newspapers and magazines and also appeared on TV and radio. 

Perhaps I can help you?


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